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Season 1 (18 episodes)
Title Category Length
How and Why to Avoid Nil Language Features 13:58
Extracting Domain Objects Coupling 18:30
Conflicting Principles Design & OO 12:17
Processes and Jobs Unix 15:11
Exceptions and Control Flow Language Features 10:59
Git Workflow Git 11:49
File Navigation in Vim Editors 10:22
Quick and Easy Perf Tests Types of Tests 13:14
A Refactoring Story Design & OO 12:35
Clarity via Isolated Tests Test Isolation 10:08
Season 2 (18 episodes)
Title Category Length
Coupling and Abstraction Coupling 9:38
Test Isolation and Refactoring Test Isolation 13:05
Spiking and Continuous Spiking Untested Code 9:39
Notes on Stubbing Stubs & Mocks 9:00
Controller Refactoring Demo Part 1 Rails Controllers 10:09
Controller Refactoring Demo Part 2 Rails Controllers 16:29
Extracting From Controller to Model Rails Controllers 13:15
Acceptance Tests Types of Tests 11:12
Some Vim Tips Editors 14:11
Simple Bash Script Testing The Unix Shell 11:47
Which Tests to Write Types of Tests 10:17
TDDing Spikes Away With Rebase Untested Code 10:33
Season 3 (18 episodes)
Title Category Length
What Goes in Active Records Rails: Active Record 13:07
What Goes in Active Records Part 2 Rails: Active Record 10:18
Outside-in TDD: Stubs vs. Stash Stubs & Mocks 12:56
Stubbing Unloaded Dependencies Stubs & Mocks 11:00
Generating Coupons With Bash The Unix Shell 11:54
Shorter Class Syntax Language Features 8:00
The .vimrc Editors 10:50
Pushing Complexity Down Design & OO 10:01
Three Test Shapes Types of Tests 11:24
Season 4 (18 episodes)
Title Category Length
Sucks/Rocks 1: The Rails App Building An App From Scratch 9:14
Sucks/Rocks 2: Computing Scores Building An App From Scratch 11:57
Sucks/Rocks 3: The Search Engine Building An App From Scratch 11:26
Sucks/Rocks 4: Caching Building An App From Scratch 13:42
Sucks/Rocks 5: a Bug and a Model Building An App From Scratch 12:54
Sucks/Rocks 6: a Controller Building An App From Scratch 11:12
Sucks/Rocks 7: More Cucumber Building An App From Scratch 11:55
Sucks/Rocks 8: The Whole Design Building An App From Scratch 10:38
Pretty Git Logs Git 10:16
Mutation in Tell Don't Ask Design & OO 8:53
A Magical Isolation Story Test Isolation 10:15
The Mock Obsession Problem Stubs & Mocks 12:09
Test Driving Shell Scripts The Unix Shell 11:05
Conditional Whac-A-Mole Design & OO 13:29
Test Isolation Without Mocks Test Isolation 12:34
Functional Core, Imperative Shell Programming Paradigms 13:02
Season 5 (18 episodes)
Title Category Length
Splitting Active Record Models Rails: Active Record 10:36
Removing a Rubinius Feature Language Features 11:39
Primitive Obsession Design & OO 15:48
Isolating by Separating Value Test Isolation 11:05
Imperative to OO to Functional Programming Paradigms 13:21
Test Cases vs. Examples Types of Tests 13:59
A Bit of C Unix 11:02
Actor Syntax From Scratch Language Features 14:36
When Rails Is Right Rails 10:46
A Day in The Life Junk Drawer 13:06