Destroy All Software Screencasts

Screencasts for serious developers

Destroy All Software screencasts are short: 10 to 15 minutes, but dense with information. There are 90 screencasts covering advanced topics like these:

Unix: combining the pieces; using the entire Unix operating system as your IDE

Fully embracing the power and danger of dynamic languages (focusing on Ruby)

Git & DVCSes — rebasing safely, mining statistics, and customizing the interface

Fast, powerful test suites: achieving 1ms per test

Test-Driven Development (TDD): real-world implications and the relationship between TDD and OO design

Using Vim faster than the next person

One-minute demo

Customer Comments

This week's Destroy All Software screencast by @garybernhardt is one of the best lessons on just testing one thing ever.

The screencasts @garybernhardt makes are the kind you can rewatch every few months and learn more from each time.

One of the DAS screencasts (tarpipe) just taught what took a few weeks in my Operating Systems II back in college.

What kills me about @garybernhardt screencasts is that even the ones that seem irrelevant to me have nuggets of gold in 'em. Must watch all!

After a weekend of Destroy All Software, my coworker says "We can't refactor this without tests." THANK YOU @garybernhardt <3 <3 <3

I think I tell people to check out every freaking day...