I started Destroy All Software in March of 2011. Many people doubted that a programming screencast business would work, but it did! Today there are 121 published screencasts and counting, now made in a fancy recording booth with so many bass traps that I can hardly move. (I have enclosed a photo.)

I feel very lucky that this worked out: Destroy All Software lets me share my love of programming for its own sake. The sale has now ended, but here are some recommended screencasts to start with if you're interested:

  • A Compiler From Scratch typifies the current focus: demystifying programming tools by building them from scratch. (It's also the longest ever recorded, but it was recorded live like all the rest!)
  • Functional Core, Imperative Shell is about integrating functional programming into a traditional imperative system. (Boundaries is mostly about the same thing, this time as a live talk.)
  • To go really far back, Tar, Fork, and the Tar Pipe is one of my favorites about understanding Unix. A customer says that it covered "what took a few weeks" in an advanced operating systems class.

Finally, I'm organizing Deconstruct, an unusually independent software development conference in Seattle in May 2018. It's not part of Destroy All Software, but if you like one then you'll probably like the other. You can find more details in my introductory letter on the Deconstruct site.

Gary Bernhardt