Destroy All Software sells subscriptions to Execute Program, the DAS screencasts, and the compendium. However, we don't want to exclude people for whom our normal fees are prohibitive. We offer free access to people who:

(We won't ask you which group you're in, and you don't have to tell us unless you want to.)

There is a small cost for these "free" subscriptions: you have to send us a postcard. We've chosen this method because it's relatively cheap from anywhere in the world. Also, it's nice to get postcards!

However, given COVID-19, we're not currently visiting our physical offices to collect postcards. So you can email us instead! Follow these two steps:

  1. Important: register for a Destroy All Software account first.
  2. Email us from the email address that you registered with, requesting a free postcard subscription.

Hope to hear from you!

Gary Bernhardt