Destroy All Software sells subscriptions to Execute Program, the DAS screencasts, and the compendium. However, we don't want to exclude people for whom our normal fees are prohibitive. We offer free access to people who:

(We won't ask you which group you're in, and you don't have to tell us unless you want to.)

There is a small cost for these "free" subscriptions: you have to send us an actual postcard through the physical mail. We've chosen this method because it's relatively cheap from anywhere in the world. Also, it's nice to get postcards!

Your postcard should be sent to the address below. Important: you need to register for a Destroy All Software account first, then clearly write your email address on the postcard.

When the postcard arrives, we'll give you a year of content access. You'll get an automated email when your free access begins, and another automated email a year later when your free access ends. At that point you can always send another postcard! Or, if your circumstances have changed, you can subscribe using a credit card.

The address for postcards is:

Destroy All Software LLC
800 5th Ave, Suite 4100
Seattle, WA 98104

A note about mail reliability. If you live in a country that can't reliably send physical mail to the USA, then it's OK to email us instead of sending a postcard. You should still register for an account before sending that email, though. As of early 2019, this applies to Iran, for example.

Hope to hear from you!

Gary Bernhardt